[EXPOSITION #13] VAVA DUDU Vertige profonde

  • Exposition du 27 août au 14 octobre 2017
Les horaires des visites publiques varient suivant les évènnements / The times of the public visits vary according to the events. Free.

Vertige Profonde, title of the 13th edition of Salon du Salon is entirely dedicated to Vava Dudu’s plastic work.
This work emerges from the artist’s work in her residency at Salon du Salon / Marseilles, summer 2017.
During this 13th exhibition, Salon du Salon will take part at Friends With Books, , The Berlin Art Fair, September 22nd – 24th 2017.
Vava Dudu’s solo show, and the Vertige Profonde exhibition, will be followed by Showroom #13 in Marseille, a publishing exhibition by Salon du Salon, from October 1st to 31st 2017, on top of the previous exhibition.
Download: [sds13_dossier-de-l-exposition.pdf]

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